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Since its creation, VAIVÉN has been characterized by staging unpublished contemporary texts by renowned authors (Laila Ripoll, Juan Mayorga, Jordi Galcerán, Borja Ortiz de Gondra, Antonio Muñoz de Mesa, etc.) or versions of universal classics such as Chekhov, Marlowe or Brecht, with renowned artistic teams and directors, always with the intention of offering the viewer a quality theater that is not oblivious to the conflicts that concern society. our time.

Among his productions, “Sin verguenzas”, “Antigona”, “Las inalámbricas”, “Nasdrovia Chejov”, “El Enjambre” or “Último tren a Treblinka” stand out, having won numerous awards, including the MAX for Performing Arts. Now we are 26 years old and we want to celebrate it with all those who have followed our already long history.



VAIVEN is the platform from which we carry out music production and distribution of concerts of different formats. Under the musical direction of Iñaki Salvador, we have undertaken commissions such as the musical setting for galas (Photoespaña, Donostia Theater Award, Kosmodisea, Kutxa Literary Awards, and many others…) as well as collaborations in the composition of music for advertising, short films, documentaries, and theater and dance shows for various companies.

VAIVEN distributes and produces the personal creations of Iñaki Salvador, some of the most recent being his last two albums: “Te doy una canción” and “Lilurarik ez – Mikel Laboarekin solasean”.